Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Life Sciences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is the digital technology with the greatest potential to improve R&D productivity in life sciences. AI-driven solutions are helping CROs and sponsors improve candidate selection for clinical trials, data integration, interpretation and pattern recognition including voice and video, and provide critical insights from the massive data sets – helping to get drugs and devices into market and improve people’s lives.

Court Square integrates with AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Intelligent Automation solution providers to help biostatisticians and clinical data analysts with big data analysis and patient cohort selection utilizing genomic or proteomic data.

Beyond accelerating clinical research, AI is helping life science companies improve business decision-making, optimize innovation, improve efficiency across business operations through smarter, actionable insights in M&A, Regulatory, Quality, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing. Life science companies are implementing AI to reduce costs, avoid costly errors, and shorten time-to-market.

As a leading managed services technology company dedicated to empowering those who change lives, Court Square works with the foremost AI technology companies to provide platforms and point solutions that accelerate decision-making, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

Court Square’s RegDocs365 validated content repository serves as a third-party repository against which multiple AI solutions can share research, clinical and manufacturing data to be used independently for Artificial Intelligence applications to analyze company information across departments.

Getting Innovation to Patients Faster

The recent shortage of Clinical Research Associates (CRA) and Clinical Trial Associates (CTA) is driving the adoption of AI applications. Leveraging AI to augment limited clinical resources improves quality and shortens time to market.

AI enables CROs and sponsors to reallocate resources from time-consuming manual efforts to the quick review of output from AI programs that separate and classify documents. With AI the content locked within documents can be used to identify and categorize them utilizing the metadata from the various reference models.

Court Square is currently working with leading AI companies on both TMF autoclassification and EDM/eCTD autoclassification of documents based on the content of those documents. Our AI solutions analyze content locked in documents and reduce manual CRA efforts so you can maximize your resources.



A regulated content and collaboration solution for Life Sciences.


Validated & qualified hosting for Life Sciences.

AI For Life Science

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve Life Science business and clinical trials.

Qualification & Validation

Validation for protocols, processes and documentation.

IT Support

Fully Managed Life Science IT support services.

Reference Checking

Validate the completeness of all transferred documentation, preventing missing documents through rapid AI processing.
· 1,000x faster than conventional processing
· 2x more accurate than human processing

TMF-EDM Auto-classification

Analyzing content within documents and automatically

1572 Reporting

Create summary reports of all the PI and Sub-PI information locked within numerous 1572 forms created across multiple sites and years of a clinical trial. Reduce manual effort from 30 man-days of manual effort to just a few hours of review.

Dive In

Cybersecurity in Distributed Clinical Trials