Cloud Compliance and Audit Readiness: Best Practices and Frameworks

If you are a pharma, biotech, or CRO looking for a Qualified and Validated Cloud Environment for your applications, our Audit Ready Compliant Cloud™ (ARCC) environment can satisfy your need for regulatory compliance.


Court Square Group’s Audit Ready Compliant Cloud

Eliminate the complexity and risk of obtaining, deploying, and managing a qualified, validated, and compliant IT environment. As specialists in the Life Sciences market, we understand data integrity in a way that few IT companies can. Protecting your data is more than just setting up a server—you need a provider that can also meet your long-term regulatory compliance needs.

With Court Square Group’s Audit Ready Compliant Cloud (ARCC), you can rest easy, knowing your business will be built on the most secure, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and audit-ready platform by specialists who understand the nuances of your business. We enjoy a long history of focusing on the technology needs of Life Science companies. Our sole commitment is to manage your infrastructure from preclinical to clinical trials through manufacturing and ultimately FDA compliance, unaltered, secure and audit ready.

Proactive, Robust Solutions

The Audit Ready Compliant Cloud’s suite of solutions provides Life Science companies with the benefits of cloud solutions without the requirement for in-house expertise to maintain FDA compliance.

ARCCs validated platform enables you to unify clinical operations and manages digital content and regulatory updates through discovery, clinical trials, and post-market staging. In addition, our focus on quality means that your systems are protected, allowing you to focus on your company’s goals.


Discover How Our Audit Ready Compliant Cloud Can Help
Your Company

  • Simplify your data security
  • Reduce your IT costs
  • Eliminate IT compliance worries
  • Experience unlimited scalability
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing environment


A regulated content and collaboration solution for Life Sciences.


Validated & qualified hosting for Life Sciences.

AI For Life Science

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve Life Science business and clinical trials.

Qualification & Validation

Validation for protocols, processes and documentation.

IT Support

Fully Managed Life Science IT support services.

Manage Digital Content with One Cost-Effective Solution

ARCC puts you in control, allowing you to host and manage your applications and data in a safe and secure location that is backed up on a daily basis. Additionally, ARCC offers the ability to host multiple applications within the same environment.

Fulfill Compliance Obligations

Court Square Group understands that finding a hosting company to manage various regulatory and compliance requirements is difficult. However, our robust solutions exceed industry best practices for Life Science organizations. We can assure you and your clients who address regulatory concerns, such as 21 CFR Part 11, that all appropriate procedures are meticulously followed.

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