Services for Incubators

There are many roles to address when managing your business which unfortunately leaves very little time for you to handle the various technical needs you face daily. So how do you allocate enough time, money, and effort to build and maintain your IT network? This is where Court Square’s Incubator Services come in.

Court Square understands the specialized needs of life science organizations, providing managed IT solutions that work for you. Our objective is to provide best-in-class service to Incubators so they can fully support their customers. Our success stems from excellent communication, long-term relationships, and continuous innovation.


Enhanced Productivity

Our Incubator IT solutions are essential to supporting your needs and establishing long-term IT efficiency and reliability. Not having to allocate limited resources toward your IT operations allows you to focus on your customers while fully relying on our team to do the rest.

Our IT solutions ensure all data is recorded accurately and is secure. Having a safe network is critical when managing confidential information. Additionally, we provide your business with reliable backup and data protection to manage cyber threats and potential breaches.

Why Us

The experience to offer a robust suite of solutions in a secure, validated environment.

  • Focus on Perspective – We understand the need and we work closely with the customer to deliver a solution that meets their unique objectives.
  • Focus on Relationships – Relationships are critical. We believe in engaging with our customers, partners, and employees to foster communications to ensure successful outcomes for all parties.
  • Focus on Ownership – We take pride in providing exceptional service and building secure IT solutions that can go with the customer when they grow and move on.

Solutions for Incubators


RegDocs365 – an out-of-the-box, scalable, real-time collaboration solutions with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant tools: eSignature, eCTD, EDM & eTMF Reference Models, GxP audit ready. and submission-ready PDF rendering.

IT Support – complete IT support to streamline and ensures compliance for a variety of industry-specific requirements.

Scalability – increase capacity without sacrificing performance or quality. A scalable business model makes it easy to expand and accommodate increased demand.

Dive In

Cybersecurity in Distributed Clinical Trials