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  • How much time do you spend searching for files at work?
  • How much time do you spend recreating files you cannot find?
  • How often do you use email as a source of storing, searching and resending files?
  • How often do you ask a colleague for a particular file, they send to you, and you store in My Documents?


Intelligent Search


We want to enable you to more efficiently and affordably access your personal or corporate content. We believe everyone should have instant, secure, and intelligent access to their corporate files, regardless of where you store the data and whether it is structured or unstructured. Our solution take your content, process it and extract knowledge and “hidden” meaning. We have transformed the traditional “Enterprise Search” into “Intelligent Search” making it as easy to find answers in your files as it is to “google” the weather.

Intelligent Search expands Enterprise Search and provides the ability to understand meaning within a file that has no structure. We gather knowledge, understanding, and context by using artificial intelligence to read and interpret your data just as a human being would. We have developed this next-generation solution in such a way that we leverage the latest technologies to achieve fast and efficient processing of your information assets. This efficiency translates into a low-cost pricing model that is easy for you to consume.

Once RegDocs365 and Docxonomy process your data you will be able to “google” your content just as easily as you “google” the public web.

  • Get answers to your corporate questions instantaneously
  • Automatically gain insight and understanding to your data through visual analytics
  • Naturally, find items displayed in images that are stored or embedded in your data
  • Surface hidden knowledge locked away in video or audio files
  • Quickly and securely share data within or outside of your organization

We leverage proprietary technology that utilizes modern capabilities regarding artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows us to intelligently extract knowledge and insight out of all of your files, regardless of format.

It doesn’t matter if your files are attached to emails, stored in an archive, or if they’re videos in a file share or records in a database. We analyze all file types and break them down to understand the context and store them in our searchable index in an intelligent, structured manner – thus, giving structure to what was once unstructured.

This process results in your ability to find your data like you never could before.

Deeper still, we’ve built a predictive artificially intelligent (AI) model using a convolutional neural network developed by Docxonomy. The predictive model allows us to add even more intelligence to your search index. For example, if we process an image or a video, we examine what’s inside the image and/or video frames. We determine, in a predictive-manner, what is depicted – making these prediction results searchable. In the case of video, we apply further knowledge by transcribing the speech to text and running it through a Docxonomy enhanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine.

All of this is automatic – either by uploading files individually or directly connecting Docxonomy with your existing repositories, leaving the data where it is and merely letting our system index it (no migration necessary, even if your repositories are on-premise!).


Features Include:

  • Question Answering – Gain direct answers by merely asking questions
  • Automated File Classification – Leverage our pre-trained classification models or build your own. The system will automatically classify your documents – like an invoice, contract, study protocol, and many others without a user having to enter any metadata
  • Language Processing – Statistical techniques that generate a deep understanding of the files allowing for categorization, similarity and entity identification
  • Media Analysis – Audio, video and image processing leveraging transcription and categorization engines to perform in-depth analysis of numerous multimedia-based files
  • Discovered Metadata – A perceptive and predictive analysis which can automatically and intelligently identify critical attributes related to PII, GDPR, HIPAA and or other user-defined criteria
  • Connector Data Access – Pre-built connectors allowing users to index both structured and unstructured data regardless of storage location, enabling insight into the data without hindering existing business processes; Let the data continue to live where it does today, but add the power of Docxonomy to it

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