Unified, audit-ready cloud platform for GxP and non-GxP workflows

Domino Cloud for Life Sciences (DCLS), powered by Court Square Group’s Audit Ready Compliant Cloud (ARCC) is a fully managed, audit-ready SaaS solution. DCLS delivers an innovative AI and Statistical Computing Environment (SCE) featuring the traceability and governance required to support GxP processes. The platform also offers the complete language, tool, and workflow flexibility required for exploratory and non-GxP work. Domino Cloud for Life Sciences is powered by the proven Audit Ready Compliant Cloud (ARCC) infrastructure from Court Square Group. With ARCC you get a qualified, secure, single-tenant pre-prod and prod instance setup. The bottom line: you get started on your project quickly without taxing IT resources or compromising regulatory compliance.

A Modern and Open Platform for AI and Statistical Computing

Domino Cloud for Life Sciences offers an extensive suite of governance capabilities. These include model and analytics lifecycle management and documentation. Domino also provides project management, code reuse, and review capabilities. Furthermore, Domino’s versioning and reproducibility engine helps make traceability and audit trails easier to manage. In addition, Domino’s robust permissions framework helps organizations effectively manage clinical trial data for efficient study conduct. Finally, Domino simplifies other post-hoc analyses and AI/ML workloads.

  • Expedite quality regulatory submissions: embed evidence of QC, traceability, and reproducibility into the workflow.
  • Simplify the unblinding process.
  • Quickly respond to post-hoc analysis requests.
  • Easily combine clinical study data with other sources for research analytics and model development. These include biomarker data, omics data, and more.

Managed Hosting Peace of Mind

Maximize the impact of your limited workforce and budget with Domino Cloud for Life Sciences. Our SaaS solution runs on audit ready infrastructure in compliance with global regulations. As a result, you get both peace of mind and efficiency throughout the R&D process. Your environment will remain documented, unaltered, secure, and audit-ready throughout.

  • Eliminate the complexity and risk of obtaining, deploying, and managing a qualified, validated, and compliant IT environment.
  • Get support from an accredited hosting team with an average of 17 years of industry experience.
  • Provide your team with a modern data science toolset while avoiding implementation, upgrade, and support challenges.

On-Demand Compute Power

With Domino, teams can quickly scale up R&D and leverage cloud computing and storage capacity to accelerate development. Domino’s intuitive self-service user interface automates many time-consuming and tedious DevOps tasks. Data scientists can focus on analysis instead of waiting for an IT ticket. The result:

measurable productivity increases and savings of more than $1.6M in the first year*.

  • Pay only for your team’s cloud resource usage: No need to purchase or manage costly hardware.
  • Give data scientists advanced capabilities: Use powerful GPUs and easily access cluster processing technologies like Ray, Spark, and Dask.
  • IT can retain guidance and administrative control over approved technologies and compute resources.

* Forrester TEI of Domino Data Lab, 2021, assuming a 50-person data science team size.


Best of Both Worlds

With Domino Cloud for Life Sciences, organizations can quickly benefit from the leading AI and SCE platform running on audit-ready infrastructure. We handle the necessary change controls and qualification documentation. As a result, you get the agility, speed, and flexibility that drives efficient R&D. Help your team thrive and get more done faster on Domino Cloud for Life Sciences.

Act now to stay ahead of your competitors and transform your organization.

Learn how Domino Cloud for Life Sciences can help you scale your data science efforts, accelerate clinical study submissions, increase model velocity, and forge your path to an AI-driven future.

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