Experience a Seamless Divestiture Process

By Keith Parent, Founder and CEO, Court Square Group

It’s common knowledge that the merger and acquisition process as a whole takes an enormous amount of time and effort, particularly during the integration stage. The buyer must carefully review all transferred documentation from the acquired organization to ensure everything necessary has been properly imparted. But did you know that it’s equally as important for the selling organization to ensure their product documentation has been carefully combed before transfer?

When a company divests or out-licenses a product, it is essential to send along all of the appropriate documentation associated with the particular product, but it’s also crucial to ensure that any irrelevant or confidential information has not been thrown into the mix and accidentally transferred to the buyer. After all, there can be upwards of thousands of documents to run through during this transition process, and it’s all too easy for something to end up somewhere it shouldn’t be.

That’s where technology can be an exceptionally useful tool to employ. By leveraging a singular platform to integrate, organize, and target all of your digital data and information, you can seamlessly reference and identify any documentation that falls outside of the scope of your sale and retract it from being sent along with all the other data during the M&A process.

The RegDocs365 Solution
Court Square Group’s RegDocs365 platform will effectively migrate, centralize, and organize all digital documentation into a singular, FDA-approved repository. AI technology then characterizes, integrates, and stores all of the information in an easy-to-search system, allowing your organization to analyze large quantities of data and documentation both quickly and accurately. This is key to ensuring all unnecessary or classified information is removed before the data transfer process begins.

The RegDocs365 platform leverages its integration with GENAIZ RefAI technology to auto classify and organize documentation of all sizes, as well as cross-reference check the entire repository to ensure there is no duplication or missing documentation. This eliminates any time-intensive, manual process your company would need to employ otherwise, and safeguards private information and confidential data from inadvertently leaking to the buying organization.

Benefits of Leveraging RegDocs365 + GENAIZ RefAI Technology
There are so many benefits to integrating this technology into the merger and acquisition process, as either the buying or selling company. Since this technology can process more than 13,000 words per minute across thousands of files, the search process takes minutes — not months. It’s 1,000 times faster than conventional processing, and 2.3 times more accurate than human processing, ensuring quick, precise results while reducing manpower hours across the board.

The system is able to output a list of documents that have been referenced within any of the documents in the repository. For example, it will show if a certain document contains any reference to a test report on a named product, helping to pull out any documentation relevant to products other than what is being sold. And, since RegDocs365 allows you to view files in a tree structure, it’s simple to pull out any files or folders unrelated to the drug or product being sold that should not be included in the document transfer.

Thanks to its AI-powered search algorithm, RegDocs365 allows you to set a series of parameters that will uncover whether or not there is expendable data currently listed within the system and enable your team to remove those files seamlessly.

While many companies manually compile a report of all the documentation that is included in this transfer — a long and labor-intensive process as a whole — RegDosc365 provides a comprehensive report that ensures nothing slips through the cracks during the divestiture process.

And, as an added valuable benefit to this sales process, this pertinent documentation report is presented in an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 audit compliant structure, with results classified in an FDA-approved DIA reference model whenever appropriate.

Court Square Group is Here to Help
As a leading managed services technology organization whose mission is to empower and support those in the pharmaceutical and life sciences space, Court Square Group is proud to partner with many of the market’s most innovative technology providers to build a functional, digital solution that accelerates decision-making, reduces operational costs, and fuels organizational growth. By partnering with RegDocs365, we can offer our clients a private, secure, and compliant platform that gets their products to market as efficiently and effectively as possible. Visit the website to learn more information.


Acquisition, Mergers and Divestitures: How AI can Minimize Manual Efforts and Ensure a Smooth Transition