Rob Johnston

Rob Johnston

Director of Partner Success


Rob brings 20 years of experience in leading and driving Sales and Operations for software as a service (SAAS), managed services and other closely allied solutions in supply chain and commercial outsourcing to the life science space. Rob has a strong understanding of regulatory, quality, compliance, risk, remediation, and strategy. Rob brings technical / tactical consulting services and solutions knowledge to his role as Director of Operations bridging the sales, delivery, and client onboarding experience for emerging, major, and mid-tier Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Cell and Gene Therapy, and Medical Device, Life Science and Fortune 1000 companies.

Rob has a Master’s in Business Management and is highly skilled in conceiving, developing, and executing strategies and initiatives that drive revenue, growth, and competitive market positioning resulting in protecting shareholder value.

Some of Rob’s other experience and responsibilities have expanded into M&A, turn around management, alliance, and partnership management. Many of his efforts have focused on structuring, negotiating, and closing go-to-market, distribution, licensing, and co-marketing deals with senior executives. Rob has directed, established, and maintained, the overall policies and goals for a number of companies.